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    The Ugg Snow Boots Classic black

    PRICE:$126 FREE SHIPPINGThe Ugg Snow Boots Classic black 5212 from Australia offers a fresh new look.Crafted from the highest quality twin-faced Merino grade A sheepskinwith suede toe and heel guards for added durability. The cuffed topfeatures Tasman braid detailing and ties in the front for a snug fit.Removable and replaceable insole is made of sheepskin, latex and foamfor ultra comfort. Mylar sockliner provides added warmth during thecolder months. Molded rubber outsole with EVA inserts offer extra heeland forefoot cushioning. Please Note Slight dye transfer may occurwith darker colored sheep...
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    ABC’s of Detecting a Bad Mole

    A huge perk of summer weather is basking in the warm sun for a sun-kissed glow (we’re all guilty!). Problem is, the harmful rays (both UVA and UVB) can cause irregularities which could lead to skin cancer. Once fall hits and our tan slowly fade, we notice newborn moles that never existed before! The good news is that such moles are easily removed, and easily detected. A few pointers to avoid potentially harmful irregularities are to use sunscreen on a daily basis (even on a rainy day) and to check your body on a monthly basis to monitor changes. Taking these simple precautionary measures may reap significant benefits. If you’re curious as to how to monitor changes on your skin, follow the ABCD rule to determine which moles may need to be evaluated by an expert. Asymmetry Bo
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    80s Songs You Will Dance Crazy To - chris cardell

    For some reason, 80s songs are still in high demand today, perhaps as much as they were during their heyday. There are few people who can live without a regular dose of music from this musical era. Perhaps, in the morning, you want someone to wake you up before you go-go, so that you can dance like a maniac to the classic Wham song. Perhaps you still that iconic T-shirt with the words “Choose Life” on it in your wardrobe. Who can ever forget that song, let alone, the iconic video that represents all those crazy yet happy times in the 80s? If you?re a girl, then all you pretty much wanted to do in the 80s was to have fun. All girls just wanna have fun, right? Cyndi Lauper was able to capitalize on the chris cardell of that song to have a chris cardellful career and became an 8
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